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Did you knew that SONY even has a range of Xperia XA2 chargers?


With the increase in the size of the batteries, in this last generation of smartphones, the wall charger is back to being important: this is because to load more capacious batteries, it takes much longer. How does it work in…

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The next Sailfish update could be at the beginning of 2019


Many Sailfish users and Jolla owners are wondering what day of December the next SF release will be released. According to communications, the date should be by December 24, but we at Jolla-Devices assume a release around January / February…

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This blog wants promote the Jolla Sailfish OS, and help users in choosing the right Jolla device.

The focus will be on the hardware: the official devices, those produced and actively updated by Jolla, and those produced by Sony and compatible with Sailfish X.

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