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Jolla Aigo Tablet buying group is ready


Aigo Tablet: the decision was to make a group purchase with the same calculation base, for a fee of € 199. Read there you want to know more. The first collection of purchase orders ends on November 15th. The tablets will…

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What’s Nokia N9 and why it still matters today.


Brief history of the Nokia N9, a device that you probably did’t bought, but that anticipated in 2011 many of the ‘revolutionary’ UI solutions and innovations you are using on your current device.

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Our update Adda river 1.0 has been released.


We are happy to release our “Adda River update”: finally our blog comes out of the beta and gets the new opening image from the Leonardo da Vinci ferry to Imbersago translations, with languages chosen based on the geographical origin…

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While waiting for Sailfish 3, we found the “white unicorn”


Waiting for news from Helsinki, we decided to try to find the almost unobtainable Nokia N9 white, called “the white unicorn” of smartphones, as rare already around 2012.

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Jolla is preparing to launch a second device in India?


Jolla, is prepared to launch their second phone in the Indian market with Sailfish OS, this time customized for 4G feature phones. Reports say that the company is in the final stages of negotiating with a “large telecom operator” as well…

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