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January update: what’s happened and Coldlake update beginning.


What’s up As promised, Jolla has released under early access its latest update Sipoonkorpi, rev. 3.0.1. Here is the original tweet: #SailfishOS Sipoonkorpi update aka 3.0.1 is now available for early access subscribers on #Jolla devices and #SailfishX. Download yours…

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The end-of-the-year article: some small #bigdata and new directions


2018 is coming to the end, but it was a great year for both Jolla Oy and the blog! During the months of 2018 the blog has rapidly evolved, partly following a Lean Startup develop method, but without not too…

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The new ‘Christmas River’ update 1.4 is out in time!


Our latest “Christmas River” 1.4 minor update’ is out! – The Search is now by @DuckDuckGo for more privacy – Added the SONY UCHs chargers to STORE – New opening image – Snow effect! (Only on desktop because of performance issue on…

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Did you knew that SONY even has a range of Xperia XA2 chargers?


With the increase in the size of the batteries, in this last generation of smartphones, the wall charger is back to being important: this is because to load more capacious batteries, it takes much longer. How does it work in…

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The next Sailfish update could be at the beginning of 2019


Many Sailfish users and Jolla owners are wondering what day of December the next SF release will be released. According to communications, the date should be by December 24, but we at Jolla-Devices assume a release around January / February…

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Foggy River update 1.3 – early December


The early December update is out! We called it ‘Foggy river update’ (1.3) Jolla-devices site get:

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XA2: some price after the Cyber Monday


It just passed away the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday week-end: there were a many offers, but now? Which are the prices?

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The Jolla-Devices STORE is out!


It’s finally ready the beta version of our STORE. You can find it at the subdomain After a first alpha version (with Paypal buttons), this is a Woocommerce/WP site: even at its first stage, it’s responsive ad ready to…

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Jolla Aigo Tablet buying group is ready


Aigo Tablet: the decision was to make a group purchase with the same calculation base, for a fee of € 199. Read there you want to know more. The first collection of purchase orders ends on November 15th. The tablets will…

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What’s Nokia N9 and why it still matters today.


Brief history of the Nokia N9, a device that you probably did’t bought, but that anticipated in 2011 many of the ‘revolutionary’ UI solutions and innovations you are using on your current device.

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Our update Adda river 1.0 has been released.


We are happy to release our “Adda River update”: finally our blog comes out of the beta and gets the new opening image from the Leonardo da Vinci ferry to Imbersago translations, with languages chosen based on the geographical origin…

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While waiting for Sailfish 3, we found the “white unicorn”


Waiting for news from Helsinki, we decided to try to find the almost unobtainable Nokia N9 white, called “the white unicorn” of smartphones, as rare already around 2012.

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Jolla is preparing to launch a second device in India?


Jolla, is prepared to launch their second phone in the Indian market with Sailfish OS, this time customized for 4G feature phones. Reports say that the company is in the final stages of negotiating with a “large telecom operator” as well…

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Sailfish 3 is coming: unofficial latest rumors feed


A rumor coming from Jolla zendesk, will reassure those who are hesitating to buy the Xperia X, waiting for the coming of Sailfish 3: the update will be available to all Jolla customers with a Sailfish X license purchased! There will therefore be no need to purchase another Sailfish 3

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New devices announced at Mobile World Congress 2018


At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Jolla has unveiled all the news it held for 2018 and beyond. In the official teaser video, the point is made of a journey started around 2012, which culminates with the presentation of…

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The adventure begins – First post!


With this post also officially debuts the blog of, that the adventure begins! This section will publish news about software updates and news about devices and smartphones and tablets that can run Sailfish OS. And… yes, even the blog…

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Released Sailfish Lapuanjoki 2.1.4


A new Sailfish software update has been released: Lapuanjoki 2.1.4. The update is available for Jolla C (early), Jolla Phone 1,  and Sailfish X. For a complete list of release notes and bug fixed, the reference point is the official post…

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