Aigo Tablet buying group page


this is the reference page for the ‘Jolla Aigo Tablet buying group’.
Here is explained in the simplest way, how works this method of getting an Aigo Tablet with Sailfish OS on board.

The Device

Jolla Aigo Tablet front


The object of this buying group is the Aigo Tablet, a compact tablet, with a 7.8-inch retina screen. It was the hardware base of Jolla Tablet, so it perceive it self as an official device.
For more information on the device, read the Wiki page, or continue if you already know it.

A buying group

After experimenting with the purchase and import of a first device we realised that only by making a group purchase could you get the tablets at a lower price (and faster).

If you are really hurry to have a Jolla Aigo Tablet, there will – from time to time – a Jolla Aigo Tablet on ebay. It will be an object imported slowly and individually, and it will not be part of this group of purchase. Also, it will be more expensive.

Small periodic orders

For reasons of practicality and feasibility, it will be an operation dedicated to low numbers:
we plan to place 2 orders in a month, at the beginning and in the middle of the month.
Each order will be made up of a maximum of 5 Jolla Aigo Tablets: this is to keep the volumes low, moreover, it serves not to make the Chinese shopkeeper understand that there is a renewed interest from Europe on this product…

An example: order ‘mid november’ on the 15th and ‘early december’ order on December 1st.

Once the 5 pieces have been reached, the order is closed in advance, and sent to china.
If 5 tablet orders are not reached on time, wait for the next order 15 days later.


Paypal’s piggy bank

The perfect method we have identified is to collect money with Paypal Money Pool:
they are an ideal compromise, with zero commissions, tracking, encryption guaranteed by Paypal, fastness and informality. This allows us to keep the price lower.

For more information on Money Poll visit the Paypal website.


The process by points

  1. Over the course of 15 days, 5 contributors arrive, paying the sum for the 5 Aigo Tablet
  2. Using funds in Money Poll, Jolla-Devices places one group order on the Chinese seller.
  3. DHL international shipping of 5 tablets (5-7 days).
  4. Landing in Milan, customs clearance and arrival of the expedition to Jolla-Devices.
  5. Function test, transformation from Android to Sailfish OS, test.
  6. DHL shipping to Europe of individual tablets (3-5 days).
  7. The Jolla Aigo Tablet arrives at your destination!

Contribute / order your tablet

The fee to order a Jolla Aigo Tablet through group purchase is € 200, and includes DHL shipping costs for EU!
If you’re an USA, Canada, or extra-EU just add extra 20€ to the Money Poll.

‘First Order’  November 15th is closed.

There may be the next on 1 dec.



For any doubt write to or tweet directly with@jolladevices.