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End of #Techtember: 2 new alternative phones added to the J-D Store

#Techtember is already over and it’s time for an update: the J-D Store has been prepared for the winter season, with the arrival of 2 new high-end alternative phones, the Volla Phone 22 and the Google Pixel 6a.
Here they are below:

Pixel 6a, with Graphene OS

Mountain View’s latest phone is as usual the midrange version of the flagship brothers, but shares the same Google Tensor processor. The Tensor is a 5nm processor created by Google to achieve greater hardware / software integration, and in fact using the 6a you notice a great reactivity and also speed even during the booting process.

For the rest, Pixel 6a is a handy phone with dimensions of 152x71mm and thickness of 8.9mm, the display is 6.1, with a dot solution for the front camera.
The available colours are Sage, Chalk, and Charcoal.

Pixel 6a colours

The Pixel 6a is featured by default configured with Graphene OS, the Android’s hardened and minimalist security ROM. More in detail the phone will be flashed with the latest image from the Graphene OS stable channel, and it will come in “first use mode”, with the bootloader already (re)locked.

Other ROM options to choose from may arrive later this autumn.

You can find the “Pixel 6a by J-D” here:

Pixel 6a on J-D STORE


Volla Phone 22

The other new featured phone is the Volla Phone 22, the second generation of Volla Phone by Volla, brand of the German startup Hallo Welt Systeme UG.

The Volla Phone 22 is a device with an elegant and sleek design, with flush cameras (rare on today’s smartphones!); dimensions are 157.7 x 75mm, 1cm of thickness.
The colours available are black and white, both with a rear glossy glass.

Volla Phone 22

On a technical level, the peculiarity of a MediaTek CPU (8 core 2.0Ghz) remains; the new CPU has a 12nm process (instead 16nm) and double AnTuTu score of 238438 (instead of 110704).
This is a good increase over the previous 2 Volla Phones.

The alternative operating systems to choose from are Volla OS – now based on Lineage OS – and Ubuntu Touch, the mobile version of the popular Linux distro. Both OSes are officially supported by Volla and pre-installed by the manufacturer.

You can buy the Volla Phone 22 directly from the Volla shop or from the:

Volla Phone 22 on J-D STORE


There will be more news and updates in October, stay tuned and good browsing!



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