map of world jolla devices map of world jolla devices map of world jolla devices map of world jolla devices

2019 analytics, and how many are Jolla users?

2019 is 99% finished and it’s the appropriate time to check to one year of analytics. Or do some #dataanalysis, following the buzzword.
Jolla-Devices is a website fully operative from a full 2 year, so there is some data for a year over year trend.

Apart the typical question about which nation win the prize for having more Sailfish OS users, a good new question is to try to estimate how much are the active Sailfish OS users?As active user I mean a people that has a Sailfish Os device even as a secondary device, but he use it monthly and read informations about Sailfish OS.

Not being Jolla Oy, and not knowing the true number, I will do estimates basing on domain.
All datas below are based on the Google analytics, anonymized tag present on sites.


map of world jolla devices

The country with more users are the USA, a trend becoming stronger.
Germany is immediately the second country, with a stronger percentage of users, considering the smaller population.
As third, we have unexpectly the Ireland. This may be due to the presence of an ebay seller competitor?… or Ireland is a location for VPN? meh.

As imagined, Finland is in the 4th place, slowly gaining percentage.
In lower position there are UK, India, Italy and France, as expected.


Crossing the country data with the browser languages data there is a sort of validation (differently from last year):

PT-BR users are 601, while Brazil was 625
DE+DE users are 1432, while Germany was 1480
for IT, ES, FR there is a major loss probably because more users are using EN on its browser or its OS.


Looking here we understand how much are big the USA: the domain gets a 30.286 impression.
Every impression is when a web page of is shown on a google query result.

USA people generate more than 30.000 impressions, but only 680 clicks, followed by a loss of 50% (bouncing) for any reason. It’s a real 320 users.
Finland users instead generates 10.800 impressions, for 748 clicks, and a lower bouncing rate. The result are probably 370 real users.

There may be a lot more to comment, basically USA people are a lot, but they haven’t that interest on Sailfish OS: CTR is only 2,25%.


The visitors: overview

This is a year over year overview of visits. The blog is of course better in this second full year, but note how the retuning visitor segment is not that changed.
In 2019 there where 13.500 visits, for 19.700 sessions, so every user did 1,45 session.

The most notable thing is how great is the number of new visitors: the users that don’t know Sailfish OS, or don’t own a Jolla device. These visitors are always new people: maybe some of them will get a second time over a year, but the 85% of them is probably an Android/iOS user.

Returning visitors are the key

The returning visitors are 2.433 users for 2019, and probably – assuming that Jolla-devices is capturing everyone of Jolla owner – you can get a conservative idea of how much are the active Jolla users: around 2.500.

But, imagining that the domain is visited by only half of the real Sailfish OS users, we get around 5000 users.

So, a prudent estimate of the average Sailfish OS users for 2019 is… 2.500-5.000 people.

In the while, Happy new Year!

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