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J-D autumn bulletin: JP1 retirement and more

Autumn has passed quickly without big announcements in the Jolla house (for now), Covid is back in Europe but I have decided that it will not be mentioned.
A review of what happened, in Tweets:

The Jolla Phone retires

After 7 years, the software support for the Jolla Phone will end. The 3.4 update will be the last!
A great attention by Jolla.


Sailfish OS, the Twitter barometer:

Total positivity…

A few problems / neutral…

I have to report that a good number of Jolla Phones (and other devices) have remained “bricked” since the last 3.4 upgrade, including a JP1 that I bought for a retro unboxing.

Considering the lack of the ability to flash legacy devices, and that the Telnet-based emergency procedure does not work on Mac and PC (due to respective driver problems), perhaps retirement is not a coincidence…

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Sailfish OS Discussions: Volte / 5G


One more thing…

Sailfish OS 4 could be around the corner, along with the announcement of new devices based on Android 10!

In the meantime, I returned to think how the UI could be changed, aiming to move the access to the content on the bottom part of the screen.

Some roughs where the sliders and buttons of the top menu could move to the upper part of the app tray, rearrangeable like widgets.

Or have their own dedicated “Control tray”, (Harmattan-ish iPhone7-ish) and the apps on the right. But it’s certain that this second direction is unlikely.



The corner of PINE64

The port of Sailfish OS for Pinetab is approaching faster than the production of Pinetab itself!
Still ‘out of stock’ on the Pine 64 store… The pinetab is already a unicorn.

For those wishing to learn more, here is the dedicated page from the Pine 64 forum:



You can try Sailfish OS and other alternative OSes thanks to the P-boot OS DEMO.


Volla Phone

Do you remember Volla? The German startup’s phone was successful with the second crowdfunding campaign and the first Volla phones are arriving to the users.

The first tweets pop up:



Good reading
Giovanni -

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