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J-D bulletin Ferragosto edition

It’s mid-August! This particular summer has flown by, and a new tech “high season” is upon us. Meanwhile, let’s see what happened from June to today, in this selection of tweets.


To do list: support for two cameras

The Xperia 10 have 2 front cameras and the problem arises. Sailfish OS would need a method to support a second main camera.

Michał Szczepaniak wrote alone a basic support, a sign that a support could come from Jolla?

A minimal solution could be a separate app focused only on wide cameras, a bit like the old app for Meego Harmattan Front Camera which enabled … selfies! (Not supported by the N9).


Covid area

The Covid-19 is an ever-present threat, and Sailfish OS does not implement the iOS-Android tracking system. Even national apps like Immuni, based on Google Services, don’t work.

For those who want to collaborate with tracking (in countries where an “open” tracking is active) there is Contrac, developed by .

The elephant is still in the room…

It’s 2020 and there isn’t a new browser, or some Firefox or Opera porting.
I’m appreciating Webcat by Leszek Lesner: its browser is based Chromium and full of features.


Jolla Phone 1 nostalgia

For JP1 users: the battery will likely be at the end of its life in 2020. Fortunately it is removable and user replaceable.
You can find some on ebay


Video tutorial

After you bought a SF OS License, follow this simple tutorial to install everything in the right order (and avoid issues and possible reinstallation of stores).

Pine 64 / ARM

An almost perfect advertising tweet! Testimonial, call to action, reason why.


Below is the monthly update by Pine64:


Cover image by Thaodan



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