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J-D Q1 bulletin / Special edition on Covid

As you may have heard lately, coronavirus is raging around, now officially classified as a pandemic.
This issue of the J-D bulletin cannot ignore this problem, and will also deal with this in the first part.

Sources on Covid-19

There are a lot of fake news raging around in the web. Starting on mid February, I started to read on the topic, just when the first italian case popped out.

I read many article, here is an article that list the best one:

The best sources and articles on #coronavirus.

There is also a Coursera course by the Imperial College London & Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics.

News from Italy

Also, there are a lot of fake news raging around on Italy’s situation. The serious outbreak is in Bergamo and Brescia provinces, some outbreaks in Lombardy region, while the rest of Italy is basically locked down preventing the arrival of covid-19.
Nothing of dystopian is happening.

The Coronavirus Outbreak in Bergamo, Lombardy.

Coronavirus in Italy, on the beginning.

Lastly, this piece look at some anticipation of future, caused by this crisis:
What Coronavirus is teaching us and previews about the future.


Sailfish OS


Top news

The top selling Redmi Note 7 get its Sailfish OS porting (beta)!


The Sailfish OS porting for Pinephone is making progress.


Other conversations

Step away from Slack? PS I hate slack, it’s the Whattsapp group for Project managers…


One ore thing

Really, there is not a pratical, or a UX reason to do it, but this project is interesting as a step to get Sailfish OS working into an old iPhone 7 when it will get out of support. (Next year?)


Good reading
Giovanni -

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Other news:

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