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J-D Store: a mid-2022 update

Weeks have passed and this strange 2022 is also halfway through: the two critical issues are still an increasingly “galloping inflation”, and the question of the war in Ukraine.

The two problems chase each other and feed themselves, inflation and sanctions causing further price increases and chip shortages, and real inflation rates are reaching the 10% zone.

The effects are also felt on shopping habits on the J-D Store, with a sharp decline in the purchase of premium-range phones – perhaps due to the Sailfish OS support for the Xperia 10 III which came out of time, but also the “Pixels” and the Volla phones also seem to be involved…

J-D Store: 2022 changes

Organisation in three price tiers

For the reasons mentioned above, the Store is reorganised to serve all the users, and not leaving the “budget users” uncovered.

In the budget range of 99-199euros, great “classics” like Xperia XA2 and Nokia 8110 4G will return, together with Xperia X – surprisingly the best seller of 2022 – and Nokia N9, a vintage classic.

An average “budget range” goes from 200 euros to 349 euros and sees the Pixel 3a with Graphene OS, Xperia XA2 Plus and above all the Volla Phone, these are mid-range, all rounder phones with an excellent quality / price ratio.
This price range is the one that is most affected by inflation and is the most difficult to serve these times.

Finally, a third premium range (from 350 to 499 euros, a self-imposed limit) covers the alternative “flagship” phones: Xperia 10 III and 10 II, Volla Phone X and Pixel 4a 5G. This range serves a minority of users that aims to have the best phone, with a complete equipment and often extra accessories.

More in detail, the phones in top range will have always full set (usb cable + wall charger + wired earphones) original SONY/Pixel/Gigaset, while the phones from the lower price ranges may have a compatible set and headphones may be missing (“who wants wired earphones? bleah”) in products like the Nokia N9 and Xperia X.
There is a kind of new eco-chic trend where many phones tend not to even have a charger, I don’t follow it.


The purpose of the J-D Store is always to provide ready-to-use, normalised alternative phones to new users who need them, and who don’t want to go through the flashing phase on a newly bought phone.

As always, advanced users will get the hardware themselves and they will flash it, but in some models and in some moments the prices of J-D Store could be lower than Amazon and other generalist ecommerce, and they could use it too.

Price / shipping policy

After 3 years, J-D Store item prices and shipping costs are based on the “average price” and previous data, to avoid aggressive price swings from week to week that could annoy anyone who recently bought a model and see it 50% dropped.

Shipping costs are also average, able to absorb the case of the few users who live in Europe but on islands or locations at a higher price.

As always, shipments are made by DHL or UPS, each product has a EU origin (Italy) and does not require extra import costs.

Reviews enabled

The store has long been silently connected to Cusrev – a site of verified external reviews – and finally an adequate mass of reviews has accumulated, the page link has been highlighted with a box at the bottom right (visible from the desktop).

Go to the J-D Store Cusrev page

You can also see the Cusrev reviews, inside the product pages, at the bottom of the page: in this case only theĀ  related reviews are listed.

Going forward

The J-D Store continues to move forward with resilience; in the coming weeks I will have more time to dedicate to the Jolla-Devices project, and the focus will be mostly on the store and on the website (#webdesign + #contentwriting).

The Youtube channel is for the moment on idle due to disagree with the platform (essentially Youtube does not pay for the advertisements displayed on the videos, under the excuse of a mysterious threshold, even if the channel is admitted to the Partner Program).

Good summer!


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