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Phase 2 bulletin and the Hamletic doubt: to tracing or not to tracing?

Here is the time for another bulletin.

I called it “phase 2” because Europe is now talking about the next phase after the covid-19 outbreak last month. Now tracking contacts is the issue!

Also, Jolla dropped a new update this month and other projects are moving ahead.


#Coronavirus corner

Contact tracing: yes or not?

An ethical question, involving privacy and tracking. Sailfish OS is safe by default not being par of the upcoming (and silent) Apple-Android initiative based on Bluetooth.

The initial press release from Apple:

On late April: exposure notification API

Apple  and Google  have released the first version of their exposure notification API, which they previously called the contact tracing API. This is a developer-focused release, and is a seed of the API in development, with the primary intent of collecting feedback from developers who will be using the API to create new contact tracing and notification apps on behalf of public health agencies.”

Voluntary tracking

As we know bluetooth through Android app is limited.
But what if a SF OS user actively wants to be part of the contact tracking?

There may be a proliferation of contact apps on next months, with different approaches.

In Italy as example the infamous app Immunity is under development. But we already know that will be the typical iOS / Android app.

Maybe the Apple – Google initiative will carry some standardisation of some Bluetooth-relate aspect like file-transfer and beacons. 🙂


Sailfish OS

A new release is out, the Rokua (since the early April for early birds).
Here is the Leszek video showing the novelty.

The main and most visible feature is the Nextcloud integration, a native alternative to Gmail for contacts, docs and calendars.

Always by Leszek: Filecat rev. 2.0


Unofficial / porting


The Redmi Note 7 is alive!

A new image of Sailfish OS is out for the Redmi Note 7 “Lavender”. This is the third package, and the Sailfish OS is nicely working in the popular Mi device. Even the Redmi Airdots are working (bluetooth is ok).

Of course, being a porting, the Jolla Store shows only some of the apps, and there will not be Android Support.

-> Also, there is an open UI design issue: the V-notch.


Pine 64 area

Something is happening between Sailfish Os and Pinetime.
Adam Pigg got the Pinetime, and he’s working on it!

Also, the SF OS release for Pinephone makes progresses, and get MTP and SSH access.



A question:

This is the historical page where to search if your phone is compatible with Sailfish OS.

(Probably is not updated with the newer devices.)


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