Vanha Rauma Vanha Rauma Vanha Rauma Vanha Rauma

Sailfish OS Vanha Rauma was released

A new Sailfish OS release is out: so named because it’s dedicated to a city in the southwest of Finland: Vanha Rauma, which “is a living monument to the enchanting style of old Nordic wooden construction (…) a beautiful examples of 19th Century Neo Renaissance-style exteriors alongside the immaculately preserved 15th Century Church of the Holy Cross.”

Xperia 10 III later

The long awaited (or probably announced too soon) hardware support for the Xperia 10 III didn’t come with this release, Jolla has decided to separate this update from the release of the new hardware support, in order to drop the update earlier.

Updated Browser Engine

Jolla updated the browser engine to Mozilla Gecko ESR 78, an update from the ESR 60 engine from previous releases. The “ESR” stands for “Extended Support Release”, which means that the engine has continued to receive bug fixes and is therefore especially stable.

Potrebbero esserci anche minori aggiornamenti alla UI.

Tap to NFC pairing

A new feature introduced should be the ability to pair Bluetooth devices using NFC.
“Just tap another NFC-capable Bluetooth device such as a speaker, and your phone will automatically create a new pairing if one hasn’t already been made, or initiate a connection if it has.”

A short test on the Nokia Play and the SONY speaker by J-D, video coming soon.

Camera app

The Camera application has been updated, now it is possible to apply different filters. (Greyscale, sepia, posterise, whiteboard and blackboard are all provided by default).
The filters are also in preview mode, You can now see the results of the filters directly as you compose your piece.

Android support

The Android app support has been updated to r62 security patch level.

There’s more

In addition to the above, there are a number of other small changes and patches, also from the Community.
For a full list of changes, visit the Forum:


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