Porting Sailfish OS to the pseudo 3310

A call to port Sailfish OS on the “pseudo 3310”

Sailfish OS in the Kingsun EF33

Shown at the MWC Barcelona 2018, the Kingsun EF33 is a feature phone very similar to the Nokia 3310. With factory settings it’s an Android 6, in a version adapted to run on non-touch screens.

The idea of Jolla-Devices is to promote a Sailfish OS porting on this phone, trying to repeat the work done by Jolla.

Below there is a progress bar about the project: we are currently at phase 1.
The target Device has been identified and is available in Europe (after an import phase, burdened with taxes caused by external lithium batteries).

Status of porting

  1. Device found

  2. Software prerequisites achieved

  3. Work in progress and alpha releases

  4. Porting working

The device in pills

Kingsun EF33 is a feature phone: there is not touch, so apps will need to be redesigned for a small screen. Also apps must allow selection using directional buttons – something similar to TABINDEX for HTML.

  • Name: Kingsun EF33
  • Android version: 6.0.1
  • Storage: 8GB / Ram: 1GB
  • Display: 2.4 inches (320X240 pixel)
  • Operator: 4G/2G, Dual SIM
  • Expansion: MicroSD slot


Check out the Jolla-Devices STORE.

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