Volla Phone

The Volla Phone is developed by Volla, a new startup focused on simplicity and privacy for the average user.
It’s a solid midrange device, with 8 core, produced by Gigaset.

Product code

The Volla Phone is detected by Sailfish OS as a Gigaset GS290.
Of course the final phone will contain a number of software differences respect the normal handeld sold by Gigaset, along with a better coating and the Volla logo.


The Volla phone is a device that falls nicely in the hands, it has a very good screen/body ratio thanks to the V notch solution.

Its size and weight are similar to the Xperia XA2 Plus and Nokia 9 PW, with some flagship feeling in the hand.

There are two color variants: black and white. I note that the white one had a very nice “rainbow effect” when hit by a direct ray of sun.

volla phone black volla phone white


The Volla Phone is powered by an octa-core 2 GHZ Mediatek CPU (Helio P23). Looking at the storage there is a 64GB internal memory, expandable up to other 256 GB with a Micro SDCard. The Ram memory is 4 GB.

The battery is a huge 5000mAh, wireless charge compatible and capable of a 9V-2A fast charging.

To be verified if this means that’s officially Quick charge 3 compatible

On autonomy, I report that on a real life test, the Volla prototype lasted 3 days without the power management implemented, following Marc Aurel from Volla.
(Also, System Monitor app showed a very good CPU graph with basically no peak over 50%, as happens on Xperias)

The main camera is a dual system, a 16MP sensor paired with a 2MP assistive sensor only for the bokeh and depth. Front camera is a 16MP.

A note: the camera is capable of detailed shooting. It felt like a Sony sensor (to be verified)

The Display is 6,3 inches wide. More details coming soon.


EU phone

This is a Gigaset smartphone, assembled in Germany, and the Sailfish OS version ends up to be almost a full european smartphone. It’s a working, EU privacy phone, in early 2020!


The video review

On January 2020, after some earlier contact with Dr. Jörg, I received two prototypes and I used them for 5 days as daily drivers.

The result is a long video review of two prototypes received from Volla, one with default AOSP os (black one in video), the other with a porting of Sailfish OS (white one). The Volla phone is the name of a project for a simple, privacy focused, (and European) smartphone.

Here is showed also the Volla experience, but the overall focus of video remains on the device, treated as if was already launched Sailfish OS device.


The 2020 Kickstart campaign is live.

Volla has just launched a new funding campaign: “Volla Phone: Freedom through simplicity and security”, on kickstarter.

Visit: https://www.kickstarter.com


Tech specs

Volla phone tech specs

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