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The 2020 J-D analytics report

2020 has finally come to an end, and it’s time for a new year-end analytics report!

Here are some data that refer to this domain, but which can be used to get an idea of how it is composed, and where the Sailfish OS audience is positioned (assuming that there is some similarity in the composition) .
Finally, remember that the Analytics tag installed is anonymized.

BUT how many Sailfish OS users are there? How many are the actual users?



images with 2020 analytics overview

returning visitors graps

Jolla-devices has 3 full years of stats. This years the traffic has grown even more than the expected; even the bouncing rate has decreased and it’s below 50% again.

There is a tendency about the returning visitors: the percentage has grown up to the 21,6%. It’s a good sign for a blog, but it may also reveal a slowdown in the discovery of Sailfish OS by new users.



Age ranges of visitors

Demographics show a majority of Millennials and Generation X as usual, but 2020 shows a sharp increase of under 25 in the audience.
They are the “Centennial”, the Greta generation.

A strong increase probably accentuated by the growth of the Jolla-Devices Youtube channel.

demographics of jolla-devices

Women are increasing

The J-D audience, as well as the Tech environment in general, is mostly male, but there is an increase from 8.4% to 12% of female visitors, a good sign.

Note: Analytics warns that the statistic is calculated on 28.10% of total visitors, therefore to be evaluated better.

Geographical data


This year’s data sees Germany as the first location for users, followed by the United States and India, two very populous nations.
Finland ranks fourth in terms of user origin, followed by the UK and Italy, France, the Netherlands and Russia.

A ranking very in line with what I expected (Ireland disappeared).

countries 2020


2020 languages J-D users

As for the languages spoken by J-D users, the English language (en + en-GB + enUS) totals about 47.7% of the total, being often used also by non-UK/USA based users.

The German language is predictably second with 13.8%, a figure that almost coincides with users geographically in Germany.
(The German user seems to set the German language to practically 100% in the OS).

The third is the Finnish language and the fourth language is Italian; followed by Russian, French and Portuguese / Brazilian.

How many Sailfish OS users are there?

Last year I had estimated a 5000 SF-users (basing on the assumption that J-D had a coverage of 50% of SF-users) but this year the domain visitors have doubled!

So the estimate could go towards 10,000 users.

BUT other numbers from Twitter point towards a larger number, which gives almost an idea of the total number of Sailfish OS users that existed, or the maximum size of Sailfish OS users:

Looking in more detail, I checked the number of fans of the main unofficial Twitter accounts linked to Sailfish OS and Jolla:

There seems to be a resistance in the number of followers of these profiles which is again 5000 users.

Only interested users, who want to stay up to date, subscribe to blog accounts, while it’s more likely to give a “follow” to an official brand (and then forget it).
So the follower counts of the Jolla community blogs give us a better idea of the real users. (Or the core-users?)

To conclude, the J-D estimate of the number of Sailfish OS 2020 users is between 5,000 and 10,000 users around the world.

Happy New Year and we hope for a good 2021!

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